Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crises in Japan sends CSU, Chico students home

As we watch the horror and confusion continue in Japan, our concern for the Japanese as well as U.S. Citizens in Japan escalates. With the U.S. government encouraging Americans to leave Japan, many students on campus are wondering about their classmates abroad.

This situation is especially close to our hearts, as our own Admissions student employee, Dee, is among 10 students that have been participating in CSU, Chico’s study abroad program in Tokyo, Japan.  Dee, featured in the Office of Admissions video above, is being sent back to California.  In a recent memo, CSU Chancellor, Charles B. Reed cited concerns about food shortages and hazards caused by damaged nuclear facilities. Reed wrote “Leaving our students in this situation is not a risk I am willing to take.”

CSU Parents and students question what happens during crises like this and I am proud to share insight on just some of the Chancellor’s Office’s expectations for CSU campuses.

1. Refunds of spring semester state university fee

2. Paying airline change fees and providing assistance in airline assignments

3. Working with financial aid offices to seek emergency exceptions so students are not penalized

4. Encouraging campuses to offer priority registration so these students are not disadvantaged during their fall semester

5. Academic Programs: campuses should look at online course options or work directly with Deans and Department Chairs to see if there are specific measures that can be taken to assist these students such as independent or directed study.

While some of these students may not want to leave their study abroad experience, it’s delightful to know that all measures are being taken to secure their safety and academic pursuits.