Monday, July 25, 2011

Chico State is accepting applications for Spring 2012

It's a beautiful day it Chico, especially for those of you wanting to apply this Spring! 

The good news:

  • Chico will be accepting applications from August 1 - August 31, from fully-eligible upper-division transfer, out-of-state transfer, international, graduate, credential students, and from post-baccalaureate students seeking a second bachelor's degree in Nursing.

The not always so good news:

  • Chico is not accepting applications from first-time freshman applicants for Spring 2012
  • Chico is an impacted campus, meaning upper-division transfer students who do not meet our local admission area requirements, will be subject to impaction criteria.
For specific information based on your class level, visit our "want to apply" page:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Applying for Spring 2012?

If you are interested in applying for spring 2012, stay tuned.  Continue to check and www.csuchico/admisssions for further information. 

Reminder: The Spring 2012 application cycle will take place from August 1- August 31.  If you are preparing to transfer from a California Community College, you may find the information below helpful.

Counselor Tips For a Successful Transfer to CSU, Chico:

■Complete A1 Oral Communication, A2 Written Communication, A3 Critical Thinking and B4 College-level Math, as early as possible

■Meet with your Community College Counselor to develop a transfer plan
■Visit all colleges you are interested and start asking about your major program
■Have copies of college transcripts on hand to complete application and for any appointments with Counselors

■Visit for more information on transferable courses from California Community Colleges