Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Submit an Intent to Enroll at Chico State

In order to retain your admission for CSU, Chico you MUST submit your intent to enroll and confirmation deposit (or indicate exemption) by May 1.  The process is much easier than it sounds; the information below is to assist you in your quest to officially become a WILDCAT!

Here are some helpful notes:
How to submit your intent to enroll:
1. Log into your Portal account
2. Enter your Student Center
3. Click on the “Admissions and Orientation” tab
4. Under Admissions and “My Applications”, click on “Accept or Decline” (see below)

5. You’ll be prompted to click “ACCEPT/DECLINE” one more time
7. You’ll then be prompted to “PAY ONLINE,” “PAY IN PERSON/MAIL” or indicate that your are “EXEMPT” (see below)
If you have any technical problems with your Portal account this weekend, contact Technical Support at: 530-898-HELP(4357).  They will be open from 12:00 noon to 11:30pm on Saturday and Sunday. Good Luck!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Chico State's Wildcat Robotics team competes in RoboGames 2011

"I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans, and I'm rooting for the machines."
CLAUDE SHANNON, The Mathematical Theory of Communication

While Robots aren't (yet) able to command humans, they did command the Fairgrounds Saturday, April 16, as Chico State competed in RoboGames 2011 in San Mateo. RoboGames, also referred to as the Olympics of Robots, is the world’s largest robot competition; our Mechatronic Engineering and Computer Science students battled it out during the “Sumo” competition.

Chico students created robots whose sole purpose was to push one another out of the "Sumo" ring. The robots were autonomous; each had to find the other inside the ring and attempt to push the other out.

It was my first time at a robotics competition, and it was fantastic to see hundreds of hours of work put into practice.  I was fortunate to be invited by two students I met on the road, Keith and Kris, pictured below. Both transferred from Santa Rosa Community College and have been active in robotics since stepping foot on our beautiful campus.  All of our students were excellent in representing the US and were able absorb valuable information for next year's competition.  Let it be known that Chico State has the ONLY accredited Mechatronic Engineering program in the United States. The students competing at this year's competition were part of Chico State's Computer Science 585 course, Robotics and Machine Intelligence, where they focus on autonomous robots guided by sensors and complex algorithms.

If Mechatronic Engineering or Computer Science sound like programs for you, be sure to visit our College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management website: