Monday, December 17, 2012

Everything You Wanted To Know After Submitting Your Admission Application But Were Afraid to Ask Part II

Let's jump right into part two and answer some more questions you may have. 
6.  I really want to go to Chico, but I don't think I can afford it.  What should I do?  Check for scholarships in your local community.  Many times scholarships go unclaimed for lack of applicants.  Be sure to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid beginning January 1, 2013 by the March 2nd priority filing deadline.  With financial aid, the early bird sometimes gets the worm.  It its OK to estimate income amounts-don't wait!
6a.  I just realized I made a mistake on my application!  What should I do?  Send an email to with your name, date of birth and if you have it, your Chico State ID number.  Just explain what the mistake was and we'll make the correction for you.   If it is sensitive information, like a social security number, call our office with the change. 
7.  I'm doing really badly in a class.  Can I drop it?  It depends.  If you're a high school student and you need the course to complete your A-G requirements or you're a community college student who needs the course as part of the "Golden Four" core classes or to meet the admission unit quota, then dropping the course could effect your application.  It's best to call our office to check. 
8.  I know I'm going to fail a course I need for admission.  What can I do?  Again, it's important to call our office to see what your options are.  Both high school and transfer students have until the end of the spring semester to make up any kind of deficiencies for admission.  Summer course work isn't allowed to meet admission requirements.
9.  What if my friend gets admitted before I do?  What should I do?  Don't panic.  Processing applications is a long and involved undertaking.  Our staff goes through your file with a  fine tooth comb and that process can't be rushed.  Make sure you're checking both your portal and your Wildcat email because it could be that we're missing information from you to make a final decision and you haven't responded to our request. 
10.  After I'm admitted to Chico State I don't have to worry about anything else right?  I'm all set?  Actually, all admission decisions are conditional, that means they aren't permanent and can still be taken back if students fail to meet admission requirements.  Your admission decision is permanent once we get your final transcript with your final grades on it.  If you're a high school student, your graduation date should on your official transcript as well.  Once you're admitted you'll receive a What's Next flyer with a month by month check list of everything you'll still need to do, like taking placement tests and applying for housing.
 That's all for now!  Perhaps you'll be walking our hallowed halls this time next year!  Good luck!

Everything You Wanted To Know After Submitting Your Admission Application But Were Afraid To Ask Part I

Congratulations! You've submitted your fall 2013 application for admission and you probably have a ton of questions about your next step, or maybe you don't exactly know what your next step is! I wanted to answer some questions that may be going through your head right now.

1. My friend/sister/neighbor missed the November 30th application deadline!  Is it too late to apply for fall?   Yes!   You can find a list of other CSU campuses still accepting applications here:  Just click on "Is your campus still accepting applications?" in the lower right-hand corner.

2.  When is the next time they can apply?  The next potential application period will be for the spring 2014 semester.  We're not entirely sure at this point what the spring application status will be and we won't know until late summer.  Students should check back with us then to get a final status on spring.  If the application does open, it will be available beginning August 1, 2013 and will close on August 31, 2013.  The spring semester will begin in January 2014.

3.  When will I hear if I've been admitted? Admissions decisions go out on an on-going, rolling basis, so you could potentially learn if you've been admitted as early as January and or as late as April.  It's best to check your CSU Chico portal account and Wildcat email account regularly to get the most up to date information about your application status. Your portal account is the first place where you can find out if you've been admitted.

4.  You said check my portal account. What is that?  Your CSU Chico portal account gives you access to your Student Center.  The Student Center is where you can check your admission status, your hold and to-do list and everything you'll need as a student at Chico State.  The portal can be accessed via our main page,  Once you create your portal you also create your Chico State email account which you  also need to check regularly. 

5.  Should I send my transcripts now?  Unless the Admissions Office contacts you directly via your Chico State Wildcat email asking for a transcript, no.  Final transcripts will be due on July 15th. 

Stay tuned for part two of this series where I'll tackle some more questions applicants may have!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Do's and Don’ts for Filling Out an Admissions Application

With just 22 days left in the fall 2013 application period we're been getting lots of phone calls with questions about how to apply.  I've collected some of the most common questions and answered them here to help others who might encounter the same issues.

1.  Where is the CSU Application located?  The CSU general application is located at  You can submit all your CSU applications via one site. 

Where to find the Admission Application.
2.   I want to apply for fall 2013.  Where do I go?  Applications have to be submitted a year in advance.  To attend Chico State for fall 2013, you actually have to apply in the fall 2012.  See the screen shot below.  The fall 2013 application deadline is November 30th.  
Make sure to select the right application period.

 3.  If I'm a transfer student, what's my entry status?  We're not accepting lower division transfer students currently, so if you list that you have less than 60 units you will not be able to submit your application.  Indicate that you will have 60 transferable units or more by the time of entry or reentry into CSU Chico.  You can include units that are in progress and planned.
Transfer students and first-time freshmen have different entry statuses.

3a.  I'm a high school student, what's my entry status?  High school students are either "graduating seniors with no college credit" or "graduating seniors with college credit" (including AP, IB).  Never indicate that you are a transfer student, even if you'll have an associates degree when you graduate high school.  Note that you can save your application and come back to it later if you save it before you log off. 

If you do not fall into any of the independent categories you are a dependent student.  

4.  I'm over 18.  Can I consider myself an independent student?  Technically-students are not considered independent until they are:
  • A graduate student
  • Married or registered with the California Secretary of State as a domestic partner
  • Have dependents other than a spouse
  • A foster youth, orphan, or ward of the court
  • A veteran or active duty member of the U.S. armed services

  • If you don't fall into any of these categories then you are a dependent student and should report your parent's income information on the application.  This information will be used to determine if you are eligible for the fee waiver.

    No scores yet?  Indicate when you plan to take them.
    5.  I'm a high school student and I won't have my test scores before November 30th.  What should I put on the application?  If you don't have SAT or ACT Tests before the November 30th submission deadline, just indicate  the month and year you intend to take the test.  Remember December 2012 is the last month to test for admission. 
                   Red messages mean something is wrong.

    6.  I keep getting these red messages and I can't move on in the application.  What's going on?  Red messages are triggered when information has been entered incorrectly or information is missing.  If you're sure you've entered information correctly and the red message is still appearing, just check the red box and move forward to the next section of the application or call the Office of Admissions for help.

    Transfer students must list their GPA and all previous institutions attended.

    7. I'm a transfer student and I'm not sure about my GPA.  Can I leave that area blank?  No, GPA must be listed.  The application won't submit with your transfer GPA.  Also make sure to include all the previous colleges you attended.

    Transfer students must include their "Golden Four" courses. 
    8. If I'm a transfer student do I have to list all the classes I took in high school?  No, the only high school information we require is the name of your high school and the date of your high school graduation.  The only coursework we need to see is what you're currently enrolled in or plan to take in spring.  However, it is super important to list your "Golden Four" courses for admission.
    9.  I'm a high school student and I re-took a class.  Do I have to list the bad grade that I made up? No, high school students can list their new and improved grade.
    10.  How do I make sure I submitted my application?  Students have to sign the application and indicate how they are going to pay the $55 dollar application fee if they are not eligible for the fee waiver.
    Ready to submit? Click the link!
    The CSU application submission page.
    Once you sign the application and indicate your payment method, you can submit the application at the bottom of the page.  If you have truly submitted your application, you'll see it in the application manager. 
    If you submitted your application it will show up here.
     If you don't see an application on file, something went wrong and you'll need to go back and resubmit.  You'll also be issued a confirmation document immediately after submission that you should print out and keep for your records. 
    I hope that was helpful for you! The CSU Mentor website has a helpful tutorial available and written instructions for both Freshmen and Transfer applicants.  They have also provided technical support pages and contact information if you need further help.  Good luck and remember the last day to apply is November 30th!  Don't wait till the last minute!

    Thursday, September 27, 2012

    Ready, Set, Fall 2013!

    While it may still feel like summer outside, the fact is that fall is just around the corner and that means the fall 2013 application period is about to begin.  The CSU Mentor application will open on October 1, 2012 and will close on November 30, 2012 for both first-time freshman and transfer applicants.

    So what can freshmen do to prepare?
    • Sign up now to take an SAT or ACT test by December.  December is the last test date our office will accept.  Students should try to test more than once if they can.   Studies show that students generally do better on tests the second time around.   I recommend taking both the SAT and the ACT.  It's always wise to maximize your chances of doing well.

    • Make sure your A-G requirements  will be complete by the end of the senior year.  If you need to make up courses make sure you talk to your high school counselor as soon as possible to discuss what your options are.  Students aren't allowed to make up courses the summer after high school graduation for admission purposes.

    • Visit Chico State on October 20th for Chico Preview Day.  Campus is open to the public and it's a great time to check out our beautiful location, explore our housing facilities and talk to faculty about majors.  We have tours available every day, but Preview Day is pretty amazing.  Register here.

    What can transfer students do to prepare?
    • Talk to your transfer counselor to make sure you will have 60 transferable units or 90 quarter units completed by the end of the spring semester.  No summer course work is allowed to meet your unit quota.

    • Have you completed the "Golden Four" admission requirement?  College level Math, English, Critical Thinking and Speech courses must be done by the end of the spring semester.  Unless you're an engineering major, there are no exceptions to this requirement.

    • Transfer students should also visit campus on October 2oth for Chico Preview day.  We have transfer student focused panels and our financial aid and housing offices will be on hand to answer all your questions.  Register here.

     Remember that waiting till the last minute to do anything is a bad idea.  Be smart about preparing and your fall application period will go so much more smoothly!    I hope to see you at Chico Preview Day!

    Monday, August 20, 2012

    Educational Opportunity Program: A Family Away From Home

    The best mentor group ever!  Top row, left to right: Lorenzo, Fidel, and Marivel.
     Front row: Diana, Carolina, Houa, and Rebecca.
    Universities can sometimes feel like big, impersonal places, and  it's easy to get lost in the crowd when you're one of many students.  Just as great majors and amazing professors are a part of a quality education, great friendships and lots of support ensures that your first year at university will be off to a strong start. 

    One way Chico State tries to help its new students thrive is though it's Educational Opportunity Program.  EOP has a lot of really practical ways of helping students adjust to university life.   For example, there's the Summer Bridge residential program.  Summer Bridge is held a few weeks before the beginning of classes.  Students come to Chico State early and get a jump start on making friends, meeting faculty and staff, all while taking workshops that teach them how to be an on-point college student.  Students can access a lot of other services throughout the year as well. Tutoring, workshops and socials are all part of the EOP experiance.   Best of all, EOP staff genuinely care about you as an individual and work hard to support you through the beginning, middle and end of your college experience.

    How do can you become an EOP student? You have to apply!  Students must submit the regular fall application for admission during the October 1st- November 30th period. Then students must fill out the EOP application. This absolutely has to be done by the November 30th deadline!   If you don't turn in both applications you won't be considered as a candidate for EOP.   In order to qualify for EOP, students have to meet specific criteria and submit two letters of recommendation and an autobiographical essay.
    Building a strong foundation.  Bottom row, left to right Jasmin, Fidel, Marivel and Lorenzo.  Top row: Rebecca, Carolina and Houa. 

     It's definitely a lot more work to become an EOP student, but the skills you learn and relationships you build are so worth the extra effort!  For many students EOP has become a central part of their college experience and their "family" away from home.  Do you want to be on the fast track to amazing friendships and success?  Explore the Educational Opportunity Program at Chico State! 

    Monday, July 23, 2012

    What's Happening Spring 2013?

    We now have the final word on the spring 2013 application for admission. 

    We will accept applications during the filling period of August 1-31, 2012 from students who satisfy one or more of the following criteria:

    1.  Applicants who complete an Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T), made possible by the passing of Senate Bill 1440.  This special degree program is available for a select group of majors deemed similar at community colleges throughout California.  Degrees must be verified by October 15, 2012 by the participating community college.


    2.  Applicants who are fully eligible, upper division transfer students with 30 or more units from one or more of the following local community colleges:  Butte, Feather River, Lassen, Shasta, Siskiyous and/or Yuba.  (Additional criteria must be met.)   For complete application filing details and criteria, please visit our website.

    Monday, July 9, 2012

    What's So Great About Chico State?

    Some of the amazing students you'll meet at Chico State.  From left to right: Zijian He, Sonya Shumate, Shemu Ariyasivam, and Rachel Wietbrock. 

         Is Chico State really all that great?  I mean, yes, it has a beautiful campus and its academics are top notch, but isn't it all too good to be true?  Actually, it's totally true; Chico State is a great place to be!  But just so you don't have to take my word for it,  I interviewed four students were eager to share why Chico has been such a great place for them.  Zijian He, a Master's of Business Administration student from China shared, "I think Chico State is very international.  There are a lot of study abroad opportunities.  I went to Spain through Chico State's study abroad program.  Chico is also a very safe town with very hospitable people."
          When I asked Shemu Ariyasivam, an Applied Physics major from Sri Lanka, why he thought Chico was a great place, he replied, "Honestly, Chico State has the best atmosphere when it comes to people and an environment to facilitate a great educational experience."  Sonya Shumate, a Health Science Education major from Oakland shared that for her, "Chico State is great because it took me out of my box and old environment.  I met new people and tried new things.  It really changed my perspective.  I even changed my major from Psychology to Health Science Education."  Rachael Wietbrock, a Chico native and transfer student, didn't have to go far to find exactly what she was looking for, "What I love about Chico State is the fact that they had the exact major I wanted.  It's a holistic approach to Health Science that incorporates things like nutrition and diversity.  Everyone is also really friendly and the faculty really cares about you.  You're not an inconvenience to them."
          I've met dozens and dozens of students in my almost two years at Chico State and you I can tell you that the majority of them are loving and really making the most of their Chico experience.  Students like Zijian, Sonya, Shemu and Rachel are plugged in by working on campus, exploring the various programs we offer and being open to new adventures.  Do you want to explore more first-hand student experiences?  Check out our real life student blogs, TwentyFourSeven.

    Tuesday, June 26, 2012

    What Should You Be Doing Now?

    It's summer!  You've been admitted to Chico State!  You can relax now, right?  Don't pick up that bottle of sun screen quite yet.  There are some very, very important tasks that admitted students need to complete before classes begin on August 27th.  Let's make sure you can check them off your list.
    Transfer students, have you . . .

    Requested final transcripts from all previously attended institutions to be sent to the Chico State Admissions Office?  Our address is 400 West First Street, Chico, CA 95929-0722.  All outstanding documents must be in our office by July 14th.   

    Signed up for an orientation?  Orientation is a new student's first chance to register for classes.  Orientation isn't mandatory, but if students don't attend they'll have to wait till July 23rd to register. 

    Made housing plans?  The Chico housing application is still open, but at this point students should check out alternative housing options here and here since on-campus housing is looking less likely this late in the year.

    First Time Freshmen, have you. . .

    Requested final transcripts from your high school to be sent to the Chico State Admissions Office?  Our address is 400 West First Street, Chico, CA 95929-0722.  All outstanding documents, including test scores must be in our office by July 14th. 

    Taken an English Placement Test (EPT) and/or Entry Level Math (ELM) test if you were not otherwise exempted through EAP, SAT, ACT or AP test scores?  You should take placement tests ASAP if you are required to.  If students show up to orientation without test scores on file they won't be able to register for classes!  Danger, danger future Wildcat!

    Completed your Early Start registration? If you scored less than 50 on the Entry Level Math test and/or less than 138 on the English Placement Test it's absolutely essential that you register for an Early Start experience.  The website can give you an idea of what classes are available.  You'll be contacted by the campus where you've elected to take your Early Start classes with further registration information. 

    Signed up for an orientation? Orientation is a new student's first chance to register for classes.  Orientation isn't mandatory, but if students don't attend they'll have to wait till July 23rd to register.  If you still have to take an EPT or ELM test, sign up for an orientation after your test scores are scheduled to arrive. 

    Made housing plans?  The Chico housing application is still open, but at this point students should check out alternative housing options here and here since on-campus housing is looking less likely this late in the year. 

    Wednesday, June 6, 2012

    The Secrets of Successful Transfer Students


    Transfer students make up a good portion of our student population each year.   Last year Chico State admitted 3,306 transfer students alone.   As an insider to the admission process, I wanted to share some strategies I wish more students would employ to avoid disappointments and delays when trying to transfer.  

    1.    Successful transfer students understand what classes they need to take.   Not all community college courses are transferable.  I’ve seen students fail to grasp this essential fact over and over again.  Working with your community college transfer center, a community college counselor and will help clarify the difference between transferable and non-transferable courses. 

    2.    Successful transfer students leverage all their resources.  I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get help when you need it.  Community colleges are busy and very crowded places.  Students need to learn to self-advocate, to ask questions and be persistent.  Does your campus have cross enrollment programs?  Can you join EOPS?  What programs are available to help students be successful?  Find out and join up, you won’t regret it. 

    3.    Successful transfer students understand the application process clearly.  It’s important to connect early on with the university you want to transfer to.  I’ve witnessed a lot of confusion about admission requirements.   How many units do you need to complete?   Does having an AA or an AS guarantee admission?  Does your transfer campus require you to complete lower division major requirements as part of admission?  Students need to find out directly from the source.   If you want the bottom line, ask admission representatives what will keep you out of their university. 

    4.    Successful transfer students know grades matter. Transfer admission in an era of budget cuts is becoming an increasingly competitive.   Students with lower GPA’s are finding it more difficult to transfer.  If a campus requires a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to transfer, a 1.98 GPA will not cut it.   Often campuses look at cumulative GPAs; a bad semester will follow you wherever you go.   Start strong, and finish strong academically.  
    5.    Successful transfer students read university e-mails frequently and take deadlines seriously.  It’s common for Chico State to get over 22,000 applications in a year.   If a student does not respond to a request, pay a fee, or submit a transcript, chances are they won’t be an applicant for long.   The reality is that students who don’t follow through with deadlines make it easier for others to get admitted in their place.

    Take it from me; successful transfer students are not passive.  They've learned their stuff and not only in an academic sense.  Do you have specific questions or topics you'd like to learn more about.  Feel free to ask in the comment or shoot me an email at

    Monday, May 21, 2012

    Spring 2013 Admissions

    We've been receiving a lot of phone calls and emails about the spring 2013 application period.  At this point, we don’t have a definite spring plan yet.  It appears that we may offer limited spring admission for very specific populations.  Potentially, upper division transfer students from Butte College, College of the Siskiyous, Feather River College, Lassen College, Shasta College, or Yuba College may be given the green light to apply for spring.  Students from these campuses may be considered if they have completed at least 30 units in residence and are also regularly admissible

    We may also be admitting students with community college certified AA-T or AS-T degrees.  If you’re not sure what AA-T or AS-T degrees are, I’d recommend consulting the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office website for a list of approved degrees.  Students should work directly with their community college if they’d like more information about obtaining certified degrees.   Chico State may also be open to veteran populations.  It's important to remember that this isn't the final word about spring 2013 and all this is subject to change.  Final decisions will be available the last week in July.   Keep checking this space for the spring 2013 application status.

    Wednesday, April 25, 2012

    Fall 2012 Admissions Update Part 2

    Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happening here in the Office of Admissions as of today:

    1.       We are still processing applications for fall 2012.   A good deal of admissions decisions have already gone out, but we’re not quite done with all of them yet.  During spring break our databases were down for an upgrade, so we couldn’t process applications, but now we are back in full force.
    2.     Students should still be checking Portal Accounts and Wildcat Email accounts because the most current and up to date information about admission decisions will always be there.  Often, notifications via the Portal and/or email are the quickest and only way to get information as we send far fewer letters and cards these days. 
    3.     May 1st is the all important Intent to Enroll (IE) deadline and unless you are exempt based on financial need, submit your $200 non-refundable deposit.  This tells us you’re definitely coming and saves your space at Chico State.  Hint: don’t wait until the last day and risk some sort of system failure on our part or computer malfunction on yours.
    4.      If you are an admitted student there are a lot of things still left to be done.  You’ll want to make sure to use your What’s Next handout we sent in your admissions packet.  We hope this month-by-month guide will help you take care of other important deadlines like Housing, Financial Aid and Orientation.
    5.    Speaking of Summer Orientation, their website is live. Check out their calendar and get a sense of when you might like to come.   We strongly encourage you to attend, as you are able to sit down with an advisor, get help selecting classes and register. 
    6.    Not sure what residence hall  you want to live in?  Check out the virtual tours available online.   Just click on any of the hall names and  they will take you to floor plans, videos and more!  The housing application is now open to students.   

    Wednesday, February 22, 2012

    Choosing Chico

    Hola Amigos!  We’re living in exciting times, are we not?   We now know that admissions decisions for first-time freshmen and transfer students are going out as I write and you’re aware, (because I’ve pretty much not let up going on and on about them) of submission deadlines.   Once you know you’ve been admitted to Chico State what’s the next logical step, besides jumping for joy and calling your friends?   Visiting campus, of course!  Really, any time is a great time to visit Chico State.  We’re a welcoming bunch and we love hosting students and their families every day, but I wanted to send out a very special invite to our spring preview event called Choose Chico! 
    Choose Chico! is my favorite event of the year.  This day is especially geared towards students who have already been admitted.  Some have made up their minds and are coming for specific answers about Chico State and others are perhaps still unsure of which campus they’ll ultimately choose.  That's great!   On April 14, 2012, Chico State will roll out the red carpet for all admitted students and their families.   Everyone here, departments, faculty and current students, will be on hand to give you a bird’s- eye view of what the Chico Experience is really like.  Our Choose Chico! event will be packed with informational workshops on topics like financial aid and housing.  You will be able to participate in academic showcases with faculty and department deans.  Tours of housing, the campus and our community will also be on-going throughout the day.   
    Another great aspect of Choose Chico! is that families can attend as many or as few of the sessions as they’d like.   There’s no pressure to do everything, but all the highlights of our campus are definitely represented.  There’s no charge to attend Choose Chico!, but we’d like for our guests to register online, so that we can better prepare for everyone’s visit.  It’s a simple, easy process and I hope lots of people will take advantage of this opportunity!  

    This year is particularly special because we’re also celebrating our 125th Anniversary on April 14!    Officially, it’s our Quasquicentennial!   Try saying that three times fast!  Even our current students have trouble, as you’ll see in the video below.   Adios for now!   We hope to see you on April 14th!

    Thursday, February 16, 2012

    From Chico With Love

    Hello there, future Chico State students!  I hope you had an amazing Valentine’s Day.    One of the fun things about writing this blog is seeing the search keywords people use to find us online.  As a little belated Valentine’s Day gift to you, I’ve decided to answer some of the questions that lead readers to in the first place.

    Q. When will I hear back from Chico State about fall 2012 admission? 

    A.  Very soon.   Decisions go out on a rolling basis so, it could be this week, it could be next month, but decisions are definitely going out.  Most students will know one way or another by early March.   It’s important to check your Chico State email account and Portal because what could be potentially holding up your decision is a request we’ve made of you, but hasn’t been fulfilled yet.   Remember deadlines are important!

    Q.  What happens if you’ve missed the Chico State application deadline for fall 2012?  

    A.  Think "Plan B” because Chico State is definitely closed for fall 2012.  Unfortunately, at this point there’s very little applicants can do.  We don’t have a waiting list.  It is possible to petition our office for special permission to apply late via a Hardship Letter sent to Admissions, but these requests are only granted for very extenuating circumstances, like military deployment, so it’s not likely that letters will be approved.  The next regular application period for fall 2013 will be from October 1, 2012 through November 30, 2012. 
    Q.  Can I transfer to Chico State in 2012?   

    A.  The application period for spring 2012 was from August 1, 2011 through August 31, 2011, so unfortunately transfers for this year aren’t possible anymore.   Students can contact us in late July 2012 to see what the status for the spring 2013 application will be.  We really don’t know what our spring 2013 plan is yet, but once we know students will see the announcement here and on our “Want to Apply”  webpage.    If we happen to open for spring 2013, the application will available from August 1st through August 31st of this year. 
    Q.  What do I do once I’ve been accepted to Chico State?
    A.  First of all, hurrah for you!   Congratulations and welcome to the Chico State family!  Once you receive your admissions decision you’ll be required to submit your Intent to Enroll (IE) decision and unless you are exempt based on financial need, your $200 non- refundable deposit by May 1st.  This tells us you’re definitely coming and saves your space in Chico!  In your admission packet you’ll also find a “What’s Next” flyer with all the deadlines for making your transition to Chico State as smooth as possible.   Please read it closely and take action.
    Q.  How do I become an admissions counselor? 
    A.  I thought this was funny way of stumbling across our blog, so answering this isn’t completely gratuitous.  The road to the glamorous life of an admissions counselor is varied.  However, admissions counselors definitely have a bachelor’s degree; usually in a subject that lends itself to communicating with people.   I was an English major, but majors like communications, psychology or student services are also good.  Really, a student’s major is almost incidental in a way; practical work experience in higher education is the making of a future admissions counselor.  Working in university offices as a student is a great way to gain knowledge of what it’s like to be an admissions counselor.  If you can work as university tour guide, orientation leader or financial aid assistant, these will lay a good foundation for a career in higher education down the road. 
    That’s all for now, stay tuned for my next post when I’ll tell you about some of the awesome activities taking place on April 14th for Choose Chico!   It's an amazing opportunity to see what the campus as to offer and you can help us celebrate our 125th anniversary at the same time.  Until next week! 

    Wednesday, February 1, 2012

    Fall 2012 Admissions Update

    Hello potential students!   My apologies for the long silence, things have been hopping here in the Office of Admissions, as you can well imagine.  We’ve been receiving transcripts and test scores and all manner of required documents.  I hope you’re staying abreast of your own requirement deadlines and checking your Chico Portal account and Wildcat email regularly.  We’re getting tons of phone calls about whether we’ve received your transcripts and I just wanted to remind everyone that processing takes time; so we really appreciate your patience on our end.  
    I’ve got some good news about fall 2012 admissions decisions.  A big part of the application process has been decided!    We know what the initial fall 2012 eligibility index is for in-state freshmen students!   If you’re an in-state, first-time freshman, who has earned a 3200 eligibility index and are on the way to completing your A-G requirements, chances are good you’ll be admitted.  Transfers who are waiting to hear can rest a little easier too.  We know that the out of our local admission area GPA cut off is a 2.5 GPA for transfers From this point on, more and more admission decisions will go out every week.  Check your mail boxes because there’s good news on its way! 
    On a completely unrelated note, we hosted a PIQE Parent Empowerment Conference on campus last weekend and I wanted to share two of my favorite quotes from the day.  One junior said, “I’ve been here two hours and I love it already.  I want to come here!”  I did internal fist pumps for Chico State when I heard that.    One of the dads who attended called our campus, “a temple, a temple of learning.”  Not too shabby if I do say so myself!  Sometimes I think working for Chico State is the easiest job in the world because the physical beauty of the campus is such a huge asset.  It’s pretty much love at first sight when students visit.  Have you seen Chico State for yourself?  Schedule a tour!  It’s easy and we’d love to host you.  Until next time! 

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    New Links for a New Year

    Happy 2012!  Are you excited to see what the New Year will hold?   Perhaps you’ll be a Chico State Wildcat in a few months time.  Wouldn’t that be a great way to kick off 2012?   In the spirit of new beginnings, I wanted to share some of the online places future Chico State students might find useful.    
    ·     Chico State’s Student Portal:  I know I talk about the Student Portal a lot, so this isn't exactly new, but that’s because the Portal is super important.  It holds the key to a lot of the processes that you’ll have to complete before you come to campus.  If you’ve applied to our campus and haven’t created your portal account yet, do it ASAP.   All you need is your Chico State student ID number we’ve sent to you and your date of birth.   It’s easy peasy and you'll save yourself tons of trouble by staying abreast of requirements and deadlines. 

    ·    Need to make a safe and secure online payment? CashNet is a great tool to do just that.  Note that VISA is not accepted, but most other major credit cards are.  

    ·     Scholarships:  Okay, also not new, but what can I say, I'm a giver!  I want students to benefit from all the amazing opportunities we have here.  They are often based on academic achievement, but there are also athletic scholarships, community service scholarships and scholarships that are attached to different majors.  Students should to apply in the fall the year before they plan to attend.  

    ·     Housing:  Students can take virtual tours of all our housing facilities.  That’s right; students can see floor plans and get inside and outside views of all Chico State's dorms and common areas.   

    ·     Did you know Chico State has a nationally recognized, awarding winning student newspaper?   Check out The Orion  for an inside view of what current Chico State students are thinking, writing and talking about. 

    ·     Are you interested in playing for one of Chico State’s Division II sport teams?  Fill out the recruit questionnaire as a first step and then checkout the Athletics page.

    ·     Go to college and see the world?  Is that possible?  Yes!  Chico State's Study Abroad program sends students to every continent except Antarctica.  How’s that for adventure in the New Year?
    I hope 2012 will be amazing for you and that Chico State will be a major part of the bright future ahead of many, many students.   Go Wildcats!