Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Feature: Ask An Admissions Counselor!

I've decided to start a new feature on the blog where I share with you some of the interesting questions I get.   If you have a question you might like to ask an admissions counselor,  send me an email at   Let's start with this email I received just a few days ago:

Hi,  I am a freshman at University X.  I applied to Chico last fall and was accepted last year,  but attended University X instead.  I am reconsidering my decision after my first quarter here.  Do I have any options at Chico for transferring?  Sincerely,  "Reconsidering"
This is a great question.  It's really a challenge to choose the right university, isn't it?  Many times excitement and momentum lead us to make decisions that after some time has passed, we're not really happy with.  
This student asked what the options were for transferring to Chico and unfortunately, this student can't come to Chico right away.  Once you attend a four year university or college after high school, you are considered a lower division transfer student.   Due to enrollment pressures, Chico State is not accepting students until they are upper division transfers.  Students have to come to Chico State ready to start their junior year with 90 quarter units or 60 semester units, college level English, math, critical thinking and speech courses completed, along with a strong GPA.

 That means, "Reconsidering" has to stay at University X at least another year to finish the transfer admission requirements or attend the local community college until he or she is ready to transfer to Chico State.  There are a few CSU campuses that accommodate lower division transfers and you can read about them here.     
So, what's the take way lesson here?  There are transfer options that are accessible to students, but they are not immediate.  I think "Reconsidering" should talk to someone about their doubts about University X and give it at least one more quarter.  It would also be smart to pick up the four core classes required for Chico admission just in case nothing changes.   Students have to apply to transfer a year in advance, so it would be important for "Reconsidering" to be mindful of deadlines. 

 Becoming a college student is a huge adjustment.  Going away to university is exciting, but it's also full of social, academic and emotional changes that may impact how comfortable you may feel in a new place.  That's why you might want to hang in there a little while longer.  Give the university you picked a fighting chance and then, if you're still unhappy, definitely use the options available to you.