Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Choosing Chico

Hola Amigos!  We’re living in exciting times, are we not?   We now know that admissions decisions for first-time freshmen and transfer students are going out as I write and you’re aware, (because I’ve pretty much not let up going on and on about them) of submission deadlines.   Once you know you’ve been admitted to Chico State what’s the next logical step, besides jumping for joy and calling your friends?   Visiting campus, of course!  Really, any time is a great time to visit Chico State.  We’re a welcoming bunch and we love hosting students and their families every day, but I wanted to send out a very special invite to our spring preview event called Choose Chico! 
Choose Chico! is my favorite event of the year.  This day is especially geared towards students who have already been admitted.  Some have made up their minds and are coming for specific answers about Chico State and others are perhaps still unsure of which campus they’ll ultimately choose.  That's great!   On April 14, 2012, Chico State will roll out the red carpet for all admitted students and their families.   Everyone here, departments, faculty and current students, will be on hand to give you a bird’s- eye view of what the Chico Experience is really like.  Our Choose Chico! event will be packed with informational workshops on topics like financial aid and housing.  You will be able to participate in academic showcases with faculty and department deans.  Tours of housing, the campus and our community will also be on-going throughout the day.   
Another great aspect of Choose Chico! is that families can attend as many or as few of the sessions as they’d like.   There’s no pressure to do everything, but all the highlights of our campus are definitely represented.  There’s no charge to attend Choose Chico!, but we’d like for our guests to register online, so that we can better prepare for everyone’s visit.  It’s a simple, easy process and I hope lots of people will take advantage of this opportunity!  

This year is particularly special because we’re also celebrating our 125th Anniversary on April 14!    Officially, it’s our Quasquicentennial!   Try saying that three times fast!  Even our current students have trouble, as you’ll see in the video below.   Adios for now!   We hope to see you on April 14th!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

From Chico With Love

Hello there, future Chico State students!  I hope you had an amazing Valentine’s Day.    One of the fun things about writing this blog is seeing the search keywords people use to find us online.  As a little belated Valentine’s Day gift to you, I’ve decided to answer some of the questions that lead readers to in the first place.

Q. When will I hear back from Chico State about fall 2012 admission? 

A.  Very soon.   Decisions go out on a rolling basis so, it could be this week, it could be next month, but decisions are definitely going out.  Most students will know one way or another by early March.   It’s important to check your Chico State email account and Portal because what could be potentially holding up your decision is a request we’ve made of you, but hasn’t been fulfilled yet.   Remember deadlines are important!

Q.  What happens if you’ve missed the Chico State application deadline for fall 2012?  

A.  Think "Plan B” because Chico State is definitely closed for fall 2012.  Unfortunately, at this point there’s very little applicants can do.  We don’t have a waiting list.  It is possible to petition our office for special permission to apply late via a Hardship Letter sent to Admissions, but these requests are only granted for very extenuating circumstances, like military deployment, so it’s not likely that letters will be approved.  The next regular application period for fall 2013 will be from October 1, 2012 through November 30, 2012. 
Q.  Can I transfer to Chico State in 2012?   

A.  The application period for spring 2012 was from August 1, 2011 through August 31, 2011, so unfortunately transfers for this year aren’t possible anymore.   Students can contact us in late July 2012 to see what the status for the spring 2013 application will be.  We really don’t know what our spring 2013 plan is yet, but once we know students will see the announcement here and on our “Want to Apply”  webpage.    If we happen to open for spring 2013, the application will available from August 1st through August 31st of this year. 
Q.  What do I do once I’ve been accepted to Chico State?
A.  First of all, hurrah for you!   Congratulations and welcome to the Chico State family!  Once you receive your admissions decision you’ll be required to submit your Intent to Enroll (IE) decision and unless you are exempt based on financial need, your $200 non- refundable deposit by May 1st.  This tells us you’re definitely coming and saves your space in Chico!  In your admission packet you’ll also find a “What’s Next” flyer with all the deadlines for making your transition to Chico State as smooth as possible.   Please read it closely and take action.
Q.  How do I become an admissions counselor? 
A.  I thought this was funny way of stumbling across our blog, so answering this isn’t completely gratuitous.  The road to the glamorous life of an admissions counselor is varied.  However, admissions counselors definitely have a bachelor’s degree; usually in a subject that lends itself to communicating with people.   I was an English major, but majors like communications, psychology or student services are also good.  Really, a student’s major is almost incidental in a way; practical work experience in higher education is the making of a future admissions counselor.  Working in university offices as a student is a great way to gain knowledge of what it’s like to be an admissions counselor.  If you can work as university tour guide, orientation leader or financial aid assistant, these will lay a good foundation for a career in higher education down the road. 
That’s all for now, stay tuned for my next post when I’ll tell you about some of the awesome activities taking place on April 14th for Choose Chico!   It's an amazing opportunity to see what the campus as to offer and you can help us celebrate our 125th anniversary at the same time.  Until next week! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fall 2012 Admissions Update

Hello potential students!   My apologies for the long silence, things have been hopping here in the Office of Admissions, as you can well imagine.  We’ve been receiving transcripts and test scores and all manner of required documents.  I hope you’re staying abreast of your own requirement deadlines and checking your Chico Portal account and Wildcat email regularly.  We’re getting tons of phone calls about whether we’ve received your transcripts and I just wanted to remind everyone that processing takes time; so we really appreciate your patience on our end.  
I’ve got some good news about fall 2012 admissions decisions.  A big part of the application process has been decided!    We know what the initial fall 2012 eligibility index is for in-state freshmen students!   If you’re an in-state, first-time freshman, who has earned a 3200 eligibility index and are on the way to completing your A-G requirements, chances are good you’ll be admitted.  Transfers who are waiting to hear can rest a little easier too.  We know that the out of our local admission area GPA cut off is a 2.5 GPA for transfers From this point on, more and more admission decisions will go out every week.  Check your mail boxes because there’s good news on its way! 
On a completely unrelated note, we hosted a PIQE Parent Empowerment Conference on campus last weekend and I wanted to share two of my favorite quotes from the day.  One junior said, “I’ve been here two hours and I love it already.  I want to come here!”  I did internal fist pumps for Chico State when I heard that.    One of the dads who attended called our campus, “a temple, a temple of learning.”  Not too shabby if I do say so myself!  Sometimes I think working for Chico State is the easiest job in the world because the physical beauty of the campus is such a huge asset.  It’s pretty much love at first sight when students visit.  Have you seen Chico State for yourself?  Schedule a tour!  It’s easy and we’d love to host you.  Until next time!