Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fall 2012 Admitted Student Deadlines

As some of you may already know, our first batch of admission packets have already gone out!  Congratulations to those of you who have been admitted for fall 2012!  This is an exciting time and I hope you’ll make Chico your campus of choice. 

Decisions from now on will be rolling out on an on-going basis.  Don’t lose heart if you haven’t heard.  We have over 22,000 applications to process, so be patient.  Remember to keep checking your student portal and Wildcat e-mail for information about your admission decision or any requests from our campus.  Once students are admitted, several other deadlines must be met before beginning next fall.  Failure to meet these deadlines might result in having your admission rescinded, and we all want you to avoid that.  Here’s a list of important deadlines to be aware of for both first-time freshmen and transfer students.
  • January 31, 2012: Application fee deadline. Students can submit a paper application fee waiver if you think you’ve made a mistake on the on-line version or you can pay via CASH Net. The CSU application fee is $55.
  • January 31, 2012: First time freshmen deadline to submit SAT or ACT test scores.  
  • February 15, 2012: Initial transcript deadline for TRANSFER students ONLY.  
  •  March 1, 2012: Transcripts due ONLY from first-time freshmen applicants whom we’ve specifically contacted.  If we've requested a transcipt, it means we need extra information to make a decision.  Don't delay in sending it in.
  • May 1, 2012:  Deadline to submit your Intent to Enroll (IE) and make Chico State your campus of choice for both transfer students and first-time freshmen.   Your Intent to Enroll (IE) can be submitted via your Chico State student portal.   You can refer back to our older post for how to do this.
  • July 14, 2012:  Final Official Transcripts due for all admitted students, both first-time freshmen and transfers. Transcripts can be mailed to Office of Admissions, 400 West First Street, Chico, CA 95929-0722. We will also accept transcripts sent to us electronically from other institutions.
Students will also receive regular reminders about these deadlines in their student portal and Wildcat email accounts so you’ll be sure not to miss them. Good luck to those of you who are still waiting and Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advice for Senior Applicants Part 2

Let's pick up right where we left off in the last post.

4.  Don’t be afraid to call for help, but realize that you’re not the only one who is calling.  
It’s important to realize that high traffic times like submission deadlines can cause a glut of phone calls.   University staff is only human.  Getting a patient, helpful answer is almost guaranteed when you’re not calling at the same time as a hundred other students.   At Chico State, we pride ourselves on answering the phone and being as helpful as possible, but sometimes we need a little extra time. 

5.  Make friends among staff and faculty.  It’s always a good idea to have a connection that is in the know.  The people who work at Chico State care about students and want them to be successful.  It’s very smart to find someone who might go out of his or her way to help you.  An introduction, a good attitude and a word of thanks go a long way towards this.

6.  Reduce your stress and plan ahead.    We live in age of high speed Internet and on-demand everything.  However, the University doesn’t always function that way.  If students submit test scores or transcripts, especially during a high traffic time, it doesn’t mean offices will get that information five minutes later nor have it posted to your file.  The best thing students can do is send test scores, transcripts, or any other information in a timely manner allowing for travel and processing time.

I could go on with this list, but I just wanted to share a few ideas to give you the inside track on the admission process.  Good luck to those of you who have applied.  I hope I see you on campus next fall! 

Advice for Senior Applicants

One of the reasons I work in higher education is because I love helping students succeed.  Nothing makes me feel better than knowing that a student is thriving at Chico State.   While answering a ton of panicky phone calls on November 30th (the very last day of the fall 2012 application period), I thought to myself: “I wish I could help seniors avoid these pitfalls!”  Then I realized, I blog, I can totally do that!  So here are my helpful hints for seniors who've applied to Chico State.

1.  Never, ever wait till the last minute to submit anything!   We had over 2,000 applications submitted in one day for Chico State’s fall 2012 term.  If you multiply 2,000 by 23 campuses that's roughly over 40,000 students trying to apply at the same time.  If that isn’t a website crash waiting to happen I don’t know what is.   Really, for your sanity’s sake, don’t wait till the last minute. 

2.  Realize that submitting an application for admission is just a first step.   Your college process is not complete by a long shot.  There are going to be a lot of steps you’ll have to follow up with beyond the application:  submitting transcripts, an intent to enroll, testing, financial aid and housing are just some of the things admitted students will still have to complete.
3.  E-mail, e-mail, e-mail.   Most Universities are now communicating with students by e-mail or university portal accounts.  One of the first things you’ll be directed to do is create a portal account.  If you wait too long or neglect to do this, you will likely miss important deadlines that could result in your application being cancelled.  Chico State’s portal link can be found on our website.  Once you create your account, check it often. 

I’m not done here; there's lots more I'd like to share.  Look for part 2 of Advice to Senior Applicants.

Friday, December 2, 2011

CSU, Chico Online Scholarship Application Now Available

 The scholarship application for California State University, Chico for the 2012-2013 academic year opened on October 1, 2011.  Scholarship recipients are selected in the spring for the following academic year.  In order to be considered  for 2012-2013, students must submit an application no later than December 15, 2011.  CSU Chico provides scholarships based on a variety of criteria including academic merit, financial need, participation in clubs and activities, volunteer and community involvement, major and career goals, etc.  All students are encouraged to apply.  Please follow this link for more information on how to apply www.csuchico.edu/fa.   Don't wait to hear about your admissions, appy now!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Early Start Classes: Your Ticket to Success

Recently we talked about being exempted out of the Early Start Program through qualifying test scores, but what happens to students who aren't exempt through testing?  What’s their next step?

Students who do not have a qualifying score on the SAT, ACT, or AP tests and do not pass the Entry Level Math Test (ELM) with a 50 or higher or the English Placement Test (EPT) with a 138 or more have to enroll in an Early Start experience.  Let's look at how Early Start will work:
  • Students who are determined to need Early Start in math and English must register for an Early Start course in each subject.  If students only need Early Start in English, they only have to register for an English course. Likewise, students who only need a math experience, only have to register for a math ESP course. 
  • Every CSU campus is developing Early Start courses and students may take Early Start courses at any CSU campus they choose.  Students will be able to select courses that are held on campus, online or a hybrid of both.
  • Registration for Early Start classes will be done through an online Smart Page to be linked through your University portal.
  • Early Start classes will cost $180 per unit plus material fees. 
  • Fee waivers for Early Start classes will be available for students whose Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is less than $5,000.
  • Students who are required to participate in an Early Start experience, but do not register may be disenrolled or prevented from enrolling in their fall classes.
The best action steps students can take is to watch for communications from their University about Early Start.  Checking University portal and email accounts on a regular basis is great way to stay up to date.  Remember, enrolling in Early Start is your ticket to success. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Nicholas Carrico and Matt Wetmore show off their catch at this year's National Guard FLW College Fish even at Clear Lake. (Photo by David A. Brown)
 Did you know that Chico State boasts an award winning Bass Fishing Team?  That's right!  Check out the fun-filled story of Bryce Hayes' experience.  Chico State really has something for everybody! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Starting Smart

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that the early bird catches the worm and this especially true when preparing for university. Hopefully students and parents have begun to hear rumblings of the new statewide initiative called the Early Start Program.  In a nutshell, the CSU Broad of Trustees has mandated that from fall 2011 onward, any in-state, first-time freshman admitted to any CSU campus must demonstrate college readiness in Math and English or begin their remediation prior to enrollment.  In other words, they must get an Early Start on their success in college.

Historically nearly 60% of freshmen admitted to the CSU have been deemed not ready for college level Math and English.  This is true even for students who were in the top one-third of their high school graduating classes!  Doing remediation at the university is an expensive undertaking for everyone involved.  The University must provide specialized courses and students must invest time and money in classes that are often repeats of high school material.  This is particularly frustrating when students realize that remedial courses done at the university do not apply towards graduation or major requirements.

What’s a savvy student to do?  Early preparation is the key to success!  Ideally students will avoid remediation by testing out of the Early Start Program and there are lots of ways to do this.  Juniors can get a jump on gaining exemptions by passing the Early Assessment portion of the California Standards Test.  The CST is administered in the spring at most California public schools and EAP results can be found online via the CSU English and Math Success website.  All is not lost if you don’t pass the EAP; qualifying test scores in the SAT, ACT, AP or CSU English Placement Test (EPT) and Entry Level Math Test (ELM) will also make you exempt.  We’ve created this handy chart for you outlining Early Start exemptions scores in more detail.  What happens if you aren’t exempt through testing?  How will you meet the Early Start requirement?  Stay tuned for the next blog post when I’ll go into detail about Early Start summer classes. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Chico State is accepting applications for Spring 2012

It's a beautiful day it Chico, especially for those of you wanting to apply this Spring! 

The good news:

  • Chico will be accepting applications from August 1 - August 31, from fully-eligible upper-division transfer, out-of-state transfer, international, graduate, credential students, and from post-baccalaureate students seeking a second bachelor's degree in Nursing.

The not always so good news:

  • Chico is not accepting applications from first-time freshman applicants for Spring 2012
  • Chico is an impacted campus, meaning upper-division transfer students who do not meet our local admission area requirements, will be subject to impaction criteria.
For specific information based on your class level, visit our "want to apply" page: http://www.csuchico.edu/admissions/want-to-apply/index.shtml

Monday, July 11, 2011

Applying for Spring 2012?

If you are interested in applying for spring 2012, stay tuned.  Continue to check http://www.csumentor.edu/ and www.csuchico/admisssions for further information. 

Reminder: The Spring 2012 application cycle will take place from August 1- August 31.  If you are preparing to transfer from a California Community College, you may find the information below helpful.

Counselor Tips For a Successful Transfer to CSU, Chico:

■Complete A1 Oral Communication, A2 Written Communication, A3 Critical Thinking and B4 College-level Math, as early as possible

■Meet with your Community College Counselor to develop a transfer plan
■Visit all colleges you are interested and start asking about your major program
■Have copies of college transcripts on hand to complete application and for any appointments with Counselors

■Visit www.assist.org for more information on transferable courses from California Community Colleges

Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Submit an Intent to Enroll at Chico State

In order to retain your admission for CSU, Chico you MUST submit your intent to enroll and confirmation deposit (or indicate exemption) by May 1.  The process is much easier than it sounds; the information below is to assist you in your quest to officially become a WILDCAT!

Here are some helpful notes:
How to submit your intent to enroll:
1. Log into your Portal account
2. Enter your Student Center
3. Click on the “Admissions and Orientation” tab
4. Under Admissions and “My Applications”, click on “Accept or Decline” (see below)

5. You’ll be prompted to click “ACCEPT/DECLINE” one more time
7. You’ll then be prompted to “PAY ONLINE,” “PAY IN PERSON/MAIL” or indicate that your are “EXEMPT” (see below)
If you have any technical problems with your Portal account this weekend, contact Technical Support at: 530-898-HELP(4357).  They will be open from 12:00 noon to 11:30pm on Saturday and Sunday. Good Luck!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Chico State's Wildcat Robotics team competes in RoboGames 2011

"I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans, and I'm rooting for the machines."
CLAUDE SHANNON, The Mathematical Theory of Communication

While Robots aren't (yet) able to command humans, they did command the Fairgrounds Saturday, April 16, as Chico State competed in RoboGames 2011 in San Mateo. RoboGames, also referred to as the Olympics of Robots, is the world’s largest robot competition; our Mechatronic Engineering and Computer Science students battled it out during the “Sumo” competition.

Chico students created robots whose sole purpose was to push one another out of the "Sumo" ring. The robots were autonomous; each had to find the other inside the ring and attempt to push the other out.

It was my first time at a robotics competition, and it was fantastic to see hundreds of hours of work put into practice.  I was fortunate to be invited by two students I met on the road, Keith and Kris, pictured below. Both transferred from Santa Rosa Community College and have been active in robotics since stepping foot on our beautiful campus.  All of our students were excellent in representing the US and were able absorb valuable information for next year's competition.  Let it be known that Chico State has the ONLY accredited Mechatronic Engineering program in the United States. The students competing at this year's competition were part of Chico State's Computer Science 585 course, Robotics and Machine Intelligence, where they focus on autonomous robots guided by sensors and complex algorithms.

If Mechatronic Engineering or Computer Science sound like programs for you, be sure to visit our College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management website:


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crises in Japan sends CSU, Chico students home

As we watch the horror and confusion continue in Japan, our concern for the Japanese as well as U.S. Citizens in Japan escalates. With the U.S. government encouraging Americans to leave Japan, many students on campus are wondering about their classmates abroad.

This situation is especially close to our hearts, as our own Admissions student employee, Dee, is among 10 students that have been participating in CSU, Chico’s study abroad program in Tokyo, Japan.  Dee, featured in the Office of Admissions video above, is being sent back to California.  In a recent memo, CSU Chancellor, Charles B. Reed cited concerns about food shortages and hazards caused by damaged nuclear facilities. Reed wrote “Leaving our students in this situation is not a risk I am willing to take.”

CSU Parents and students question what happens during crises like this and I am proud to share insight on just some of the Chancellor’s Office’s expectations for CSU campuses.

1. Refunds of spring semester state university fee

2. Paying airline change fees and providing assistance in airline assignments

3. Working with financial aid offices to seek emergency exceptions so students are not penalized

4. Encouraging campuses to offer priority registration so these students are not disadvantaged during their fall semester

5. Academic Programs: campuses should look at online course options or work directly with Deans and Department Chairs to see if there are specific measures that can be taken to assist these students such as independent or directed study.

While some of these students may not want to leave their study abroad experience, it’s delightful to know that all measures are being taken to secure their safety and academic pursuits.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ask and You Shall Receive...

I recently went to New York, where I visited a taping of Live with Regis and Kelly. During the commercial break, Regis approached the audience and asked if anyone had questions. Without warning my brain, my mouth shouted "I do!” I had nothing in mind, but didn’t want to let the moment pass. Regis turned to me; I asked “Regis, may I shake your hand?” As Regis and I proceeded to share a hilarious moment of hand shaking, I heard an audience member tell her friend “I wish I would have asked that.”

Nearly each time I present at college fairs and high schools across California, students and parents often have the same response to the information provided- “I wish I would have asked or knew that information earlier.” The information is often out there- students just have to know where to look.

Here are three great places to start:

1. www.csuchico.edu – For specific application information for CSU, Chico, carefully review our admissions requirements by applicant type: Chico Admissions Page

2. www.csumentor.edu – CSUMentor is the application website for all of the California State Universities. If you’re interested in applying to CSU, Chico, you may also be interested in many of the other excellent California State University campuses. The Explore Campuses feature will be your greatest asset in finding schools by major, campus size, and location.

3. http://collegesearch.collegeboard.com/search/index.jsp - By creating a College Search Profile, you will have the opportunity to input your grades, courses, test scores, and track your favorite colleges. I tested the CSU A-G high school course requirements against those recommended for Barnard College in New York and found a few differences. Check it out:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Are you asking yourself "when will I know if I've been admitted?"

I hope everyone had a wonderful new year. I want to keep you all informed of what is happening with your application if you’ve applied for fall 2011. Our office received a record number of applications so now our transfer Evaluators and first-time freshman Coordinators are busy processing those 20,000+ applications.

What happens next?
In addition to processing applications, we are awaiting funding information that will determine how many students we are able to accommodate for fall 2011. Due to this fact, thousands of you have not heard whether or not you have been admitted. Offers have started going out and will continue to do so on a rolling basis. My advice: Be patient, always have a back-up plan, and check your Student Services Center within your CSU, Chico Portal Account often because your admission status will be updated there as soon as it is determined.

Thank you for your impressive applications. I wish you the best of luck as you begin to hear back from colleges! I’m leaving you with some helpful reminders…

  • Have you initiated your Chico Portal account? If so, check your campus email often… if you haven’t, be sure to check your personal email.
  • Send your SAT or ACT scores (for first-time freshman {FTF}) 
  • Take the EPT/ELM if required (FTF)
  • Reminder: You may not use summer work after high school graduation or spring 2011 courses to meet admission requirements
  • Fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the priority date of March 2